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May 22 2017

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May 12 2017

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May 11 2017

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Hong Kon color blocking, Justyna Zduńczyk

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May 05 2017

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Moriyuki Kuwabara

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Maria Pistoletto, Plagio, Roma, 1973

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Claudia Wieser, 2014, Untitled, gold leave, color pencil on paper, 46x33 cm, (Photo- Jens Ziehe)

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April 28 2017

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Jakob Gasteiger (Austrian, b. 1953), Ohne Titel [untitled], 2010. Acrylic and aluminum on canvas, 195 × 145 × 5 cm (each), 195 × 291 × 5 cm (overall). via

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Do wszystkiego ochoty brak. Od środka. Od spodu. Od duszy samej. Nieochota.
— Sławomir Mrożek ‘Indyk’

April 19 2017

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April 18 2017

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Easter Chicks
Tevel Pevsner
Stone lithograph from The Poultry Yard, a Russian children’s book from 1931, a wordless picture book for young pioneers celebrating agriculture and farming.
#thepoultryyard #chicks #easter #russianchildrensbook #modernism #stonelithography

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To meet my friends  by SCHINAKO MORIYAMA

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